Video MW82

Kitty Winters Vs. Joe Tyler

Read below to see what happened in video MW82! 
Kitty, a true goddess, 5'9" & 140 lbs., with beautiful red hair came ready for battle as she made her debut into the world of female wrestling.  Her opponent, Joe, 5'10" & 162 lbs. started the match feeling quite confident.  Kitty, looking unbelievably provocative and sexy in her tight black dress, launched a fierce offensive with a quick headlock takedown that had both of them struggling to gain the advantage on the ground.  Joe quickly learned the strength of Kitty's legs as she devastated him with some crunching body scissors shortly into match. 

As the war continued both opponents endlessly fought for control.  Joe fought hard and managed to get on top some of the time, but repeatedly fell into the traps that Kitty cunningly set as she snared him in painful head scissors, body scissors, and the occasional grapevine  that had him pounding the mat throughout the battle. About 20 minutes into this heated war Kitty slides out of her dress to reveal her supple sexy figure clad merely by a pink bikini top and some super tight and teeny black shorts that had her glorious firm soft butt hanging out the bottom.  In one exciting moment Kitty wrapped her powerful legs around Joe, flipped herself from bottom to top and wedged her incredible butt firmly against Joe's chin and mouth in a reverse face sitting position and then finished him off with some excruciatingly painful body scissors.   One of the best competitive matches you'll find despite the overwhelming victory by Kitty as it is clearly a hard fought match.  Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95
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