Video MW72

Bridget Vs. Brett

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There was excitement in the air as Bridget, a hot sexy dark haired raven readied herself for her first competitive match. Bridget, 5'3", 120 lbs., began this match in an exotic black dress.  Her opponent was Brett, an athletic kid, 5'9", 155 lbs. who plays rough sports like hockey and soccer.  In her pre-fight interview, Bridget stated that she was excited about completing her extensive wrestling training program and looked forward to her match. 

As soon as the action began, Bridget went for a headlock takedown, but Brett who is pretty wily avoided the takedown and ended up on top.  But Bridget didn't panic and she managed to reverse the situation and get on top of Brett, all the while that black dress hiking itself up to reveal what a terrific body Bridget has!  Finally, Bridget secured a pair of body scissors that had Brett freaking out in horrible pain.  He immediately submitted and Bridget delighted in marking up her first competitive wrestling submission. 

Brett wanted some revenge, but it didn't happen like he hoped.  Bridget ended up back on top and got Brett in a humiliating school boy pin with his face wedged against her crotch, choking him into an embarrassing submission. However, Brett wasn't going to give up easily.  He attacked with fury and got on top.  He used a lot of energy, but to his credit he obtained a submission of his own.  Now the gloves were off!  Bridget went after him with savage fury.  There were school boy pins, shocking scissors, chokes and more!  Brett puts up a good fight but Bridget is just to much for him and clearly wins the match. If you want to see a sexy little tigress who strips down to a bikini half way through the match in a very competitive match then this one is a must for the library!  Approximately 50 minutes$49.95
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