Video MW37

Suzie Vs. Ken

Read below to see what happened in video MW37! 
Suzie is a sexy Latina out of NYC who stands 5'0" and weighs 120 lbs. She was dressed in a clingy yellow leotard that displayed her tan figure in a very complimentary fashion. Her opponent was Ken, who was 5'5, 145 lbs. and durable. 
In the beginning of the match, the action was somewhat close with Suzie using her skills to out wrestle Ken who is fit and strong; however, as the match wore on, Ken got weaker and began to crumble to Suzie's indomitable will. Suzie enjoys making Ken suffer and she chirped with glee on several occasions as she punished Ken.
Suzie punished Ken with many different brutal and cruel holds. She crunched him with lots of head and body scissors, squashed his head with a well executed figure four scissors and further humiliated Ken with headlocks and cross body pins. Although Ken was game, he was no match for this spicy latin warrior who loves to punish men. Approximately 40 minutes. $49.95
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