Video MW20

Golden Katt Vs. Bob

Read below to see what happened in video MW20!
The famous Golden Katt who was not only a dynamic professional wrestler, but also has appeared in movies and television was not in a good mood and looked forward to taking it out on Bob. The fearsome female warrior stands 5'8" and weighs 140 lbs. Her opponent, Bob was a game fellow who stood 5'6" and weighed 160 lbs. 
Golden Katt began the match clad in jean shorts over a tight one piece. With her experience, she lures her opponent into a lull by taking it easy. Then, suddenly she attacks with a savagery that can only be understood when seen. She punished Bob with grueling head and body scissors, headlocks, and other nice moves. Bob withstood a lot of pain, but was proven to be the more feeble as he was forced to tap out with urgency as he quivered in agony. 
As an added bonus, this exciting tape contains previews from a wide assortment of other mixed matches. Approximate time 26 minutes plus mixed previews. $49.95
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