Video MW19 

Kasey Vs. Bob

Read below to see what happened in video MW19! 
Gorgeous light brown haired Kasey's 5'4" and 140 lbs. luscious body was taut with excitement at the prospect of getting it on with Bob. Although, Bob who is 5'9" and 160 lbs. is no wimp having served in the army during the Persian Gulf War, he was not prepared for the violent battering he was about to receive! 
The inside story is that Bob is Kasey's boss and that she was dying to wrestle him and pay him back for being a jerk at the office. In fact, she gave Bob gas money to make the hour drive to the shoot. Kasey began the match in a one-piece blue outfit and a skirt which came off during the match. However, that didn't stop her from exploding on Bob with crunching body scissors, mind boggling head scissors, agonizing grapevines, and a number of different holds and positions. Bob fought gamely and absorbed a great deal of punishment as he tried in vain not to submit to his vengeful employee. If you want to see a sexy female fireball lash out and go after her boss, then this one is a must for you! Approximate time 40 minutes.$49.95
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