Video MW16 

Sonya Vs. Mike

Read below to see what happened in video MW16!
This mixed action match featured the incredibly gigantic Sonya who is one of today's hottest female bodybuilders and her game male opponent Mike. Sonya, the amazon giant, is 6' tall and weighs an astounding 180 lbs. of pure female muscle. When Mike who is only 5'7" and weighs 150 lbs. saw his opponent, he gulped in fear and almost backed out.
Sonya who wore a clingy black one piece outfit grinned in delight as she assured Mike that she would destroy him; however, Mike surprised everyone because when the match began he came out fighting and totally went to take out Sonya. Unfortunately, for him, he was totally dominated by Sonya and spent long periods of time having his ribs crushed mercilessly by the powerful Sonya. In addition, Mike suffered skull squashing head scissors and fierce chokes that had him gasping to survive. Although, Mike withstood long periods of these pain wrenching holds, he ultimately was forced to repeatedly submit to Sonya. If you enjoy seeing one of today's largest and strongest female bodybuilders totally destroy a rough and ready male opponent, then you must add this match to your collection. Approximately 34 minutes. $49.95
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