Video WW88

Charlee Chase Vs. Ginger Cross

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In this match, sexy brunette Ginger Cross, 5' 3" & 135 lbs., takes on hot blonde Charlee Chase, 5' 8" & 140 lbs. Although Charlee did have somewhat of a height advantage, Ginger was still confident she would win. As the girls circle each other, Ginger looks incredibly sexy in her tight short provocative red dress that shows off powerful thighs and nice round ass. Charlee also looks totally hot in her short pleated skirt and a white top that really displays her big luscious breasts. Before you know it, Charlee has Ginger in a rib crushing body scissor. Ginger fights hard to escape but Charlee won't let up, and Ginger won't give in, so she's forced to endure the pain until she finally escapes and puts Charlee into a body scissor of her own. These are two tough babes who just refuse to give in! After about 20 minutes, things heat up as Ginger strips out of her dress to reveal a black bikini top and tiny shorts that give you a great view of her awesome ass and luscious thighs, while Charlee strips down to a pink bikini that can barely contain her incredible breasts. The action continues with these hot babes trying to force the submissions out of one another with cruel body scissors, torturous grape vines, and mean head locks. If you love to see two gorgeous, tough, strong women really give their all in a very competitive match, then this video is a definite must have for your collection!
Approximately 57 minutes. $49.95 WW88

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