Video WW86

Adriana Chase Vs. Julie Taylor

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Adriana, 5'8" & 117 lbs., and Julie, 5'7" & 137 lbs., are both incredibly hot blonde babes with gorgous lean athletic bodies. Julie came ready to wrestle in a cute pink bikini that could barely contain her full breasts and a little pink skirt that really showed off her great legs, while Adriana a drop-dead gorgeous, traffic stopping, perfect, gorgeous blonde was absolutely stunning in her tight black shorts so tiny they barely covered her incredible ass at all and a cute little black top. But these girls aren’t just gorgeous, they’re tough, skilled female wrestlers who got right down to business and attacked each other without hesitation. Adriana was the first to get a hold, crushing Julie with a mean body scissor, but Julie is tough and managed to fight her way out without submitting. Julie comes back at Adriana with painful cross pins and humiliating school boy pins, finally getting a submission with a brutal body scissor. Adriana is tough, strong, and experienced, but Julie has just enough more strength to keep things going in her favor. Almost halfway through the match Julie strips out of her skirt, leaving her in just her sexy pink thong bikini, and Adriana strips down to a sexy little turquoise striped bikini. This match is truly competitive with two determined, incredibly hot blondes who really want to win. This battle is very hard fought, but the superior woman becomes clear by the middle of the match. An absolutely awesome, sexy battle!
Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95 WW86

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