Video WW63

Jill Vs. Ziggy

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The room was filled with anticipation as both of these female warriors commanded everyone's attention.   At first glance it appeared that this match would be an all out war with both women being 5'5" and 135 lbs.; however, we all got a sense of what was in store for the unbelievably sexy and sultry Jill in her pre-fight interview when she admitted being a little nervous of the very famous and sexy Ziggy.   As the match began Jill dressed in her sexy yellow and pink bikini quickly ended up in a pair of brutal head scissors that were executed lightning quick by Ziggy in her very revealing black thong bikini.   As the war raged Jill fought skillfully, but Ziggy outmaneuvered her multiple times and often took control of Jill from behind.  Ziggy secured some fantastic holds such as body scissors, head scissors, and well positioned cross side pins which had us all in awe as we marveled at Ziggy's  stealth and speed.  Suddenly it appeared that Jill had secured some powerful head scissors as we heard Ziggy grunt from the intense pressure that only Jill can apply.  Yet with great skill Ziggy freed herself and captured Jill in some of her own devastating head scissors.  Jill not used to losing fought back hard and applied some of her merciless headlocks on Ziggy.  Was Jill able to turn any of these headlocks into submissions?  If you're interested in finding out then you must order this match today.  Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95
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