Video WW46

Tiffany Vs. Jill

Read below to see what happened in video WW46! 
This match featured two really sex fierce female warriors. First, there was Jill, the veteran fiery Flamingo combatant who's provided endless excitement with her amazing body and her ferocious Scottish willingness to mix it up. Her opponent, Tiffany, is also a luscious sexy female gladiator who's long python black legs can crush an opponent's ribs with shocking fury.
The action started immediately as the two female fighters went at it with the plan to dispense a lot of pain to their opponent. Tiffany managed to use her athletic ability and her natural strength to gain the advantage as far as being on top the majority of the time; however, that didn't mean that she was going to take submissions easily if at all. Besides being a totally sexy woman which was hard to miss with the thong outfit she wore, Jill is one of the toughest female athletes in the business. Simply put, nobody runs her over. Period. The girls strained with their glistening leg muscles straining as they crushed each other in their fierce effort to gain an advantage. Jill used her savvy experience to counter Tiffany's athletic prowess and when the moment came, she was able to suddenly reverse their positions. These girls were crashing into the walls and smashing all over the place as they dished out mind blowing scissors, breast smothers, school boy pins and many other violent holds.
If you want to see two sexy female athletes who will take your breath away with either their looks or their amazing hot bodies get into an authentic brutal brawl where each warrior is determined to win, then you've got to own this extraordinary match! Approximately 62 Minutes. $49.95
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