Video WW44

Suzanne Vs. Joy

Read below to see what happened in video WW44! 
When the matchmakers at Flamingo arranged this match, they simply had no idea as to what kind brutal torture session this battle was going to be. For those that haven't seen Joy, they've truly been missing out on one of life's finest treasures. This beautiful 6'0 and 170 lbs. blonde has a very shapely and sexy body that could be a centerfold. In addition to being a powerful gigantic goddess she is also a very highly skilled female warrior! In this match, she was paired with Suzanne who is 5'5" and 132 lbs. Suzanne is a rough and tough female gladiator who is experienced and street smart. Despite the size difference, it was expected to be a lively and difficult match.
Joy came out in a short print dress that revealed her gorgeous and powerful legs and Suzanne began in one of her sexy tight black dresses. They measured each other up and although Joy's bicep was much bigger at 14" compared to Suzanne's 12", their thigh and calf measurements were only one inch apart. Suzanne noted the size difference in the pre-fight interview, but she felt that with her stamina, skill and tremendous heart that she could prevail.
Unfortunately for Suzanne, she bit off way too much. Right from the start, this match was a massacre! The ease with which Joy was able to absolutely dominate Suzanne was truly shocking to see. Joy hoisted her up on her shoulder and tossed her on the mat like a rag doll. She hopped on top of her and suffocated Suzanne with her massive breasts. Quickly into the match, Joy stripped off her dress revealing a clingy two piece that was a cause to celebrate. Soon thereafter, Suzanne peeled off her dress to continue her torture session in a black bra and panties. Suzanne shrieked in agony again and again as Joy pummeled her with headlock take downs that turned into humiliating cradles, painful and punishing head scissors, school boy pins, cross pins, grapevines, body scissors and more. To further add to Suzanne's humiliation and suffering was the fact that Joy also kept ridiculing her with remarks such as, "she would take her to the gym, so she could lift some weights". 
To Suzanne's credit, she fought valiantly all the way through despite being dominated endlessly by Joy's giant luscious female body. During her victory interview, Joy boasted that she loves to hurt men and challenged any man to bring it on. If you want to see one of the world's most beautiful gigantic female warriors savage, dismantle and crush a game, tough and sexy female opponent, you have got to add this tape to your collection! Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95
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