Video WW42

Nicole Vs. Sunny

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This match features a cagey veteran, Nicole against a newcomer, Sunny in her very first professional female wrestling contest. Nicole is a 5'5", 135 lb. gladiator with long blonde hair, and a great body highlighted with abundant breasts and powerful sexy legs. Sunny was an evenly sized opponent at 5'4" and 135 lbs. She has dark hair, a dark complexion with a mixed ethnic background and a hot sexy body with python bone crunching legs. 
Nicole began the contest wearing a short black skirt and denim top which was later stripped off to reveal a hot white thong bikini. An anxious Sunny began in jean shorts and a t-shirt which she later removed to expose her great body in a black bikini. At the pre-fight interview, Nicole explained that she was happy to return to competitive action after a tough back injury and was planning to enjoy the battle. Sunny, who'd been training with the Flamingo professional wrestling training staff for a month was filled with anticipation as she expressed optimism that she would perform well.
This match was nothing short of competition at it's pure finest as the young exuberance of Sunny put to the test the experience of Nicole. During the first half of this long match neither warrior could gain a submission as the action raged without any stops! They traded back and forth into body scissors, head scissors, headlocks, pins and grapevines. In an interesting exchange of violent wrestling techniques, Sunny lashed out with a powerful sweep that through Nicole on her ass and then leaped on her achieving an agonizing grapevine. On her end, Nicole using her composed craftiness, let Sunny try to cradle her causing her to fall right into the trap. Sunny moaned and groaned as she found herself in a crushing head scissors. In the latter part of the match, a couple of submission were obtained by each fierce female competitor. Finally, one of these fiery females was able to grab that final submission. Which was it? The skill and experience of Nicole or Sunny's energy and youthful desire to dominate that took the day? To find out, you'll need to add this classic female vs. female battle to the collection. Approximately 54 minutes.$49.95
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