Video WW40

Suzanne Vs. Jill

Read below to see what happened in video WW40! 
This video is truly one of Flamingo finest productions! First of all, both of these female warriors have bodies that are so fine they'll make you gasp. Next you get to see both women measure each others beautiful physiques (arms, thighs, and calves) on camera. Then, you get the opportunity to find out what these girls are really like with exclusive personal interviews before and after the match. Finally, the explosive, shocking violence that you will see in this brutal, no holds barred, all out, vicious and very competitive war will stun you.
Our first competitor to be measured was Suzanne, 5'6", 132 lbs., who has been wrestling less than a year and wore a clingy pink two piece. She faced Jill, 5'5", 128 lbs., the widely feared Scottish fireball that more than deserves her reputation for dishing out brutal punishment and truly enjoying it. She wore a black two piece thong that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Next, Suzanne measured Jill. Having discovered their measurements were very close, the tension of the upcoming battle was turned up a notch.
Suzanne during her interview shared some of her rigorous training routine which includes running four miles a day with weights strapped to her, weightlifting and kickboxing aerobics. She said, "I love it when my opponent puts me in a painful hold, it just makes more aggressive." Jill shared some of her thoughts. "I love school boy pins and grapevines. Oh, and don't forget Boston crabs, basically, I like to inflict pain." Jill weightlifts every day and boasts that she can squat 185 lbs. She said, "with my experience and moves, I'll have the advantage."
With the girls having heard their opponent interviewed, the pressure cooker was about to explode as these female fighters were dying to get it on! The action was everything and more than expected. They really went out to hurt their opponent. There was constant shrieking from agony as crunching body and head scissors were savagely dished out like candy. The action was non-stop with back and forth submissions. When Suzanne forced Jill into submission, Jill would explode with wild vengeance and even the score and vice versa. Jill was choked so badly, she continued to gag long after being let up. When you see these women freaking out as they are punished unbelievably with violent headlocks, grapevines and school boy pins, you will know that you are seeing one of the most dramatic all real female wrestling videos, you'll ever see! At one point, Jill had Suzanne's arms stuck while she was pinned. Jill just kept her there and Suzanne wiggled and squirmed with futility. There was even more mind blowing savagery with Russian sickles which looked like a head might get snapped off the body.
At the end of the match these tired warriors each proclaimed that they were the victor. Who do you think won? Order this classic match with all of it's lengthy footage and decide for yourself today! Approx. 50 min. $49.95
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