Video WW39

Joy Vs Olga

Read below to see what happened in video WW39!
This match was a shockingly violent battle between two enormous sexy goddesses. First, there was Joy, a six foot, 175 lb. luscious blonde bombshell who began the match in a hot blue miniskirt which revealed her long, powerful and shapely legs. Her opponent was Olga, a powerful 5'6" and 175 lbs. of all woman.
The action was fierce as the female gladiators brawled with savage fury. The room shook as they sprawled across the mats exposing the beautiful lady's clingy undergarments. About one third of the way through the match, they decided to let it all hang out and removed the sexy dresses. Joy's one piece thong left virtually nothing to the imagination. Both women fought valiantly with each one being in control at times. There were stunning headlocks that could've snapped someone's neck and violent chokes. Joy and Olga were nonstop as they tried to gain the upper hand.
These female gladiators fought an intense and competitive battle as they discovered that their opponent was also not only big and strong, but skillful. Both woman drew on their vast arsenal of moves such as rib crushing body scissors, reverse pins, grapevines, head scissors and school boy pins in an attempt to be the victor. If you want to see two huge, powerful and sexy women go to war, then you must own this video. Approximately 52 minutes. $49.95
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