Video WW38

Angel Vs Anita

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This match pitted two female gladiators that have the strength to crush, destroy and seriously injure their opponents. First, there was Angel, 5'5, 155 lbs. of gorgeous female steel muscle and a very feminine figure. She was clad in a clingy black leotard which showed all the right curves. Angel is a world class female fighter with loads of experience in many forms of fighting such as no rules fights, shoot fighting and pro wrestling. She has traveled around the world wreaking havoc on many unfortunate victims. Her opponent was Anita who is a world class body builder and experienced wrestler. Despite her impressive muscles, Anita also still enjoys a very girlish figure. With her impressive power, she planned to give Angel the battle of her life!

        The action was fierce and nonstop from the first moment and these two awesome female warriors waged and stunning battle of strength and skill. The two women with their massive shapely python legs rolled around the mats trying to gain the upper hand. It was a very competitive match, but Angel proved to have just a little more skill and was able to maintain a slim advantage through most of the match. There shocking displays of rib crunching leg scissors and powerful headlocks that might've broken any weaker person's neck. If you want to see to of the formidable women on the planet get it on in a no holds barred all real war, then this tape is a must for you. Approximately 40 minutes. $49.95
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