Video WW37

Nicole Vs. Suzanne

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Nicole is a luscious blonde beauty who at 5'6" and 138 lbs. who has a very fit and sexy figure is a savvy, ringwise veteran. She came ready to put her superb wrestling skills to the test against the up and coming Suzanne. Suzanne may be relatively new to the game, but the she goes to war would make any tried and true female gladiator proud. Suzanne also has a fantastic body. She is very fit and at 5'8" and 133 lbs., she is a lean mean fighting machine. With both girls of close proportions and each ready to get it on, the air was crisp with the anticipation of a shocking battle of female domination.

The match proved to be everything that is was hoped to be and then some. Suzanne is very aggressive and attacked with Nicole with no reservations. The two hot female warriors began the match wearing sexy short dresses that went flying in the air as their powerful sexy bodies rolled across the mats in furious battle. After a while, both girls were very hot and they agreed to strip off the dresses. It is simply a delightful mind boggling experience to witness these two extremely well conditioned women use their strength, skills and natural talents in their skimpy bikini.  

Imagine those python legs wrapping around each other's struggling glistening bodies as they inflicted shocking and brutal pain to each other. There were many exciting holds including crushing scissors, grapevines, school boy pins, hang man holds, bow and arrows and many others. In a stunning display of savagery, one of these fierce gladiators humiliates the other by bending her in a painful and revealing cradle until she begged for mercy. When the victim was released she came to vent her rage! With many submissions and nonstop all out warfare, this tape is a must have for the serious female fight fan. Approximately 42 minutes. $49.95
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