Video WW36

Christine Marshall Vs. Sandy Cabrera

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This match was filled with some of the most intense raw strength and violence ever taped in the history of Flamingo! Christine Marshall, 5'2", 142 lbs., is a famous award winning body builder and wrestler who has unbelievable muscle definition, but yet she retains a sexy female figure. Her deadly and savage opponent, Sandy Cabrera, is a world class kick boxer and wrestler who has no qualms about brutally victimizing her opposition. She is also a serious body builder who at 5'5 and 168 lbs. has a very menacing appearance despite her shapely legs and large breasts which make it hard to forget that she is indeed all woman. The action was just explosive and stunning as these two gigantic female warriors roared into fierce no holds barred combat! They took turns groaning in agony as they puverized each other with frightening head locks, bear hugs, and scissors that make you very thankful you were not in that ring. Both of the powerful and sexy women are filled with pride and neither had any intention of losing. The strenth and intensity of the violence that these two barbaric warriors inflicted on each other was shocking! With very few breaks, they brutalized each other with crafty ankle locks, pins, and other holds that had them alternately pounding the mats in horrifying anguish. If you want to see some of the most formidable women in the world who are all woman engage in a level of startling ferocity that will surprise even a seasoned fan, then you add this tape to the library today! Approximately 37 minutes. $49.95
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