Video WW35

Suzanne Vs. "Lady Victoria"

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This match is A prime exhibition of a woman Vs. woman contest between two fine female athletes that are well conditioned, athletic, and blessed with extremely attractive figures. First there is Lady Victoria, a widely known seasoned wrestler, who at 5'2" and 140 lbs. is both powerful and shapely. Victoria was dressed in a very revealing and sexy black bikini. Her opponent was Suzanne, 5'6", 128 lbs., who was not quite as experienced, but she made up for that with her natural strength and excellent instincts. Suzanne wore a snug set of pink shorts and top which displayed her impressive figure as well. The action was fast paced and competitive as both of these female warriors went to battle to win the war. It was close as Victoria tried to use her experience to dominate Suzanne. Despite her best efforts, Suzanne held her own quite well as the two rolled across the mats switching back and forth from one position to another. There was an abundance of excellent holds that were used such as headlocks, head and body scissors, cross body and straddle pins, several grapevines and others. If you enjoy seeing two very well conditioned, good looking and shapely athletes really competing to see who will be the winner then you will want to find out who came out on top. Order your copy of this premium woman Vs. woman match today! Approximately 40 minutes. $49.95
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