Video WW18 

Kristie Vs. Raven

Read below to see what happened in video WW18! 
This match featured two hot and sexy experienced female wrestlers. First, there was Kristie, a sexy big brown haired beauty who at 5'4" and 154 lbs. is a real powerhouse! Her opponent, Raven, is also incredibly sexy and stands 5'7" and weighs 135 lbs. During the first 10 minutes of the match, both girls wore smoking hot, tight, short dresses. Kristie's snug little dress was black and Raven's mini-dress was purple. During the latter portion of the match, both girls disrobed on camera which left Kristie with a two piece with a white bottom and red top. Raven was left wearing a tiny, light blue bikini. 
The action was amazing! These two serious athletes went after each other with stunning ferocity. They destroyed and battered each other with violent headlocks, head and body scissors that had them both screaming in pure agony, and many other excruciating holds. They took turns forcing each other into repeated submissions. During the action, they screamed, grunted, and growled in no holds barred, all real, and intense action! If you want to see two beautiful female athletes engage in rough and fearsome competitive action, then you'll love this tape. Order yours today! Approximately 40 minutes in length. $49.95
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