Video WW11

Christine Vs. Cat and Christine Vs. Jill

Read below to see what happened in video WW11! 
This match was a classic mind blowing confrontation of the powerful state champion bodybuilder, Christine who was 5'2" and a 150 Lbs. , and the huge fitness trainer Cat who is 5'9" and 160 lbs. of sexy, blond woman. Cat wore a one piece orange thong, while Christine was dressed in her floral thong. The all real, rough, and competitive action was astounding. The strong females battled with all their respective will as they demonstrated their athletic powers by delivering brutal holds against each other. You will be stunned as you see these sexy women batter each other without mercy. The battle of these two huge powerful women was a match made in heaven. You must see this action to find out who was the winner!
Next, you'll see the always game Jill who is 5'5" and 140 lbs., clad in a sexy green one piece open in the front, ready and willing to go head on with larger and stronger Christine. Christine who wore a one piece white thong for the match had her hands full with the fiery Scottish blond Jill. The battle was long and rough, with plenty of painful scissors, headlocks, and other breathtaking holds during the battle between the beauties. For fans of hot champion female bodybuilders, this tape is a must for the collection. Order today! (approximately 40 minutes) $49.95
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