Video FL114

Julie Taylor Vs. Charlie Jordan
Jennie Vaughn Vs. Charlie Jordan

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If you love women in tight jeans you are going to love this match. The women may be dressed in street clothes but this doesn’t slow them down one bit. Get ready for 2 awesome, hard fought mixed wrestling matches in one great video! In the first match, gorgeous wrestling babe Julie, 5' 7" and 140 lbs., takes on Charlie, 5' 10" and 166 lbs. Julie’s sexy toned athletic body, thick powerful thighs, and fantastic butt look incredible in her tight blue jeans and little tight sexy black t-shirt, which she wears the entire match. Charlie is a pretty tough opponent, but Julie’s strength, skill, and determination give her a definite advantage. She controls the action most of the match with several holds, but she gets most of her submissions using her strong legs and expertly applied head scissors. Both opponents give there all in this exciting match, but Julie can clearly out-wrestle Charlie and comes out on top as the better wrestler. Next, Charlie quickly finds himself up against sexy lady wrestler Jennie Vaughn, 5' 6" and 137 lbs., looking totally hot in her blue jeans and little pink t-shirt. Charlie undoubtedly fights his hardest against Jennie who is certainly a tough skilled wrestler, he even gets a couple submissions out of her! But tapping out just makes Jennie that much more determined to win the match. She gets her powerful legs around Charlie and crushes him with lots of body scissors. In the end, Jennie gets the most submissions and wins the match. This is one incredibly hard fought, close, very competitive match that leaves both competitors completely exhausted! Approximately 55 minutes. $49.95
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