Video FL110

Julie Taylor Vs. Matt Sharp

Read below to see what happened in video FL110! 
In her pre-fight interview, Julie, 5' 7" and 141 lbs., said she was ready to give 110% to defeat her opponent, Matt, 5' 4" and 145 lbs. Matt was also prepared to give his all, but his all just wasn't enough for him to defeat Julie. Sexy blonde babe Julie was just too strong, too skilled, and too tough for even his best effort. It seemed no matter how hard Matt tried, he could not get a submission out of Julie, and despite his best efforts, he kept ending up on the very painful side of plenty of devastating holds. One of Julie's best weapons are her legs. They're long and toned, they look incredibly sexy in her tiny pink thong bikini, and they're incredibly strong! Julie is an expert at using those awesome legs to crush her opponents into submission. Matt is forced to suffer through several brutal head and body scissors, as well as torturous grapevines, and painful crosspins. Julie even makes him tap out of a fierce headlock. Imagine how embarrassing that must have been for him! Matt learned who the superior sex is, trapped in devastatingly painful holds at the mercy of one of the hottest babes around with no way for him to escape except to submit to her superiority! Don't miss this video. Order Today! Approximately 55 minutes. $49.95
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