Video FL109

Lindsey Adams Vs. George Gomez

Read below to see what happened in video FL109! 
Lindsey, 5' 3" and 115 lbs., is one very sexy little ball of energy that is almost unstoppable on the mats. Her goal for this match - to kick George's butt. However George, 5' 7" and 153 lbs., is sure it will be easy to beat this feisty babe. George may have been bigger, but size means nothing when you take on Lindsey. Her strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility along with her incredibly competitive nature make her quite a formidable match for opponents of all sizes. Looking appropriately like the wildcat she is in a leopard print dance outfit, Lindsey quickly had George on the mats and in a devastating body scissor headlock combination. George started out with some fight in him, however, and managed to hold out until he got trapped in a vice-like reverse head scissor. But it's not long before Lindsey's high energy style starts to wear George out. By the time Lindsey strips down to her leopard print bikini, George is even less of a match for her. Looking totally hot with her tight firm shapely body, lean sexy legs, and incredible ass on display in her little bikini, Lindsey puts George through one painful hold after another. Head scissors, body scissors, school boy pins, grapevines, cross pins. Once the match is over, Lindsey admits that she wanted to make sure George suffered! After his merciless defeat, George will probably think twice before claiming that taking on a woman will be easy! Approximately 38 minutes. $49.95  
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