Video FL108

Angelina Martin Vs. Brad Morgan

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Sexy brunette Angelina, 5' 3" and 120 lbs., showed up to wrestle looking just incredible in her little school girl skirt with black tights and a tight black top. Brad, 5' 2" and 130 lbs., thought that he had a pretty good chance to win this match because Angelina was smaller than him. Obviously, he had no idea how strong and fierce Angelina is. From the start it's clear that Brad has no chance at all against Angelina's brutal onslaught. She quickly gets him into a body scissor and in no time Brad is tapping out. Angelina knows what she's doing and is quick, tough, and determined to win. Brad tries his hardest not to let this sexy lady wrestler win, but Angelina just racks up point after point. Angelina is on top of Brad every move he makes, punishing him with rough headlocks, devastating body scissors, crushing head scissors, and more. To top off Brad's humiliation, Angelina's sexy athletic body looks just amazing in her tights with her little skirt hiked up, giving you a glimpse of her sexy butt. This is one awesome match for anyone who loves to see a guy try his hardest and just get his butt kicked by a cute, sexy, incredibly strong and tough female.
Approximately 53 minutes. $49.95

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