Video FL106

Julie Taylor Vs. Ken Perez

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Julie is one hot babe, 5'7" & 136 lbs., this blonde goddess has it all; toned athletic body, with a full juicy ass, luscious thighs and nice tits. But it doesn’t stop there, Julie is also tough, strong, and a great wrestler who is always determined to win. Too bad her opponent Ken, 5'8" & 143 lbs., your average fit young guy, didn’t realize this until it was too late for him. As the match began both competitors circled cautiously with Julie looking cute in a tight yellow tank top and blue jeans. Soon enough the battle was truly underway with Julie dishing out rib-cracking body scissors, agonizing grapevines, crushing head scissors, and painful cross pins, but Ken is pretty tough himself and fights hard to try to get the upper hand. Soon Julie takes off her tank top and wrestles in jeans and a little red bikini top, then, about 12 minutes into the match, she strips out of the jeans and continues in just a tiny red thong bikini. Wow! As the match goes on, Ken gives it his all, trying his hardest and gaining one submission, but Julie isn’t about to let him win the match and forces Ken into submitting repeatedly with her superior wrestling skills. Julie really uses her incredibly strong, incredibly sexy legs to her advantage, wrapping them around Ken at every opportunity and squeezing until he has no choice but to submit. If you’re a fan of truly competitive mixed matches, this video is a must-have for your collection!
Approximately 52 minutes. $49.95 FL106

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