Video FL105

Julie Taylor Vs. Charles Jordan

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Julie's the type of girl guys dream about, 5'7" & 133lbs., with long blonde hair, long tan legs, and a nice full butt and thighs, but don't let her pretty girl looks deceive you, she's a tough, skilled female warrior ready to humiliate any man that challenges her. In this match her challenger was Charles, 5'9" & 167 lbs. The match started with Julie in a cute blue halter dress, but after about ten minutes, she stripped out of her dress to wrestle in just a sexy turquoise thong bikini that displayed her sexy, round butt, and full, powerful thighs. With lots of hot action, there's no shortage of great shots of Julie's super hot body in action as she tortures Charles with cross pins, crushes his head and ribs with scissor holds, and pins him down in agonizing grapevines. One superb shot features Julie's full round ass as she dominates Charles by squeezing him into submission with a brutal crushing reverse head scissor. How humiliating for Charles to be caught between Julie's python-like thighs, with his head being crushed into submission, all while looking at the firm round sexy ass that belongs to the gorgeous female who was totally dominating him! It's rare to see a girl as hot, gorgeous, and sexy as Julie who is also tough, strong, and skilled at wrestling. Julie is truly a great female warrior, who overpowers and dominates Charles throughout the match. Charles tried his best to get the upper hand, but he just couldn't get past Julie's superior skill and strength. If you love to see a sexy, pretty girl dominate an average guy, this is the tape for you. Order today!
Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95 FL105

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