Video FL101

Lindsey Adams Vs. Brett Foley

Read below to see what happened in video FL101! 
Wildcat Lindsey Adams, standing 5' 3" tall, weighing 117lbs., came in blue jeans and a T-shirt to rip Brett Foley apart! In one of our most energetic and dazzling matches, red hot Lindsey is all over poor Brett. From the beginning, she locks up with Brett for a vicious take down. Brett is forced to deal with Lindsey's fierce head locks, powerful body scissors and razor like head scissors. Watching Lindsey's relentlessly dominating assault is heart pounding! Brett did not expect her fierce competitiveness and attempts to put a stop to her, but in most cases isn't fast enough. In one unbelievably surprising moment, Lindsey leaps into the air wrapping her legs around him for a devastating body scissors take down. After about twenty minutes, gorgeous Lindsey takes off the blue jeans and T-shirt and wrestles wearing a super sexy little yellow bikini! Beautiful Lindsey is virtually unstoppable as she brutalizes Brett move after move and forces him to submit repeatedly. Occasionally Brett works in a good hold, but it doesn't slow Lindsey down. Goddess Lindsey still comes back fighting harder and more ferocious as the match goes on. You'll see schoolboy pins, stretching grapevines, grinding head locks, hardcore take downs, crushing body scissors and more!
Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95 FL101

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