Video FL100

Suzanne Dubois Vs. Chas Lo

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Suzanne, 5'7" and 131 lbs. was looking smoking hot in her sexy outfit of black panties, bra, stockings, and garter belt. In the pre-fight interview Suzanne expressed confidence that she would win this match against Chas, 5'6" and 169 lbs. based on her speed and experience. The match took off quickly with neither opponent wanting to take a risk and hit the floor at a disadvantage. But before you knew it they were down and Suzanne was calling out her full arsenal of moves. She applied brutal head scissors, fierce body scissors, painful headlocks, and more. But this match was no easy battle and Suzanne found herself losing the fall a few times. The action was so rough that Suzanne's stockings even got ripped during this ferocious battle. Nonetheless Suzanne was able to usually gain the advantage. In fact a couple of times she demolished poor Chas with some agonizing grapevines that subdued him quickly. How sexy Suzanne looked as she applied these devastating grapevines. It must have been so confusing for poor Chas as he stood looking at Suzanne's luscious firm fit body only to find himself having to submit to her force seconds later. In his desperation Chas kept trying to stand up and hope that he could make the action on the ground go his way, but it rarely worked. In the end, Suzanne soundly defeated this game male. A hot mixed match for sure.
Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95

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