Female and Mixed Wrestling - Flamingo Wrestling

Female and Mixed Wrestling - Flamingo Wrestling

"We started to wrestle and I thought I was doing well when suddenly her beautiful thighs were wrapped around my head and squeezing so incredibly hard. As I started to fade out from the pain she was inflicting I was in such a state of confusion. Was this ecstasy or agony? I couldn't decide. I had dreamed for so long to have my face right in her crotch, but this was also excruciatingly painful.

Suddenly she gave an extra hard squeeze and I instinctively tapped her so the pain would end. The thing is she just grinned and told me I had to beg her to let me go.At first, I resisted but she just squeezed harder and harder.

Before I knew it I was begging and pleading for her to release me ,yet there was still a little part of me that wanted to remain and endure the pain. After all I could smell her arousal and knew I might never get so close to her beautiful crotch again. Eventually she released me with one condition: I had to state on camera that she had won the battle and that I had tried my hardest, but she was physically superior to me.

As soon as I stood up I tried to negotiate so that I would not have to say it on camera, but she quickly moved towards me and I was so intimidated I immediately gave up the idea of negotiating a deal. I admitted her superiority on camera and hope that nobody ever sees it. I wonder why I was so sure I could beat her. I mean I'm 5'10" and 170 lbs. compared to her 5'6" and 140 lbs. but I've seen many competitions where there was a size difference and the smaller opponent won. And I also know that skill is the most critical factor and that I have none and she is a trained wrestler.

Well, I guess I've learned my lesson. I've learned that if a woman tells me to lick her ass or kiss her crotch, feet, and so on that I had better do it because that's how I got into that earlier wrestling match which was even more humiliating. Anyway, my advice to you is to do as a fit woman says because the humiliation of doing otherwise is too great." 


Female and Mixed Wrestling - Flamingo Wrestling

"Like all guys, we were talking about girls and eventually we started talking about what turns us on. At first, everybody was saying the usual boring stuff and the conversation was getting dull. I already had a few beers in me and I decided 'what the hell' I'll tell them my fantasy. If they don't like it they can shove it.

I explained that I had always looked at muscular fit women and fantasized that they would come up ask me on a date. After the date the muscular woman would physically force me to lick her ass and then send me on my way.

At first several of the guys made fun of me, but then after the ribbing several admitted that they had similar fantasies. One guy admitted he goes to a dominatrix to get that type of experience. He said the problem with this is that it felt so artificial since he was not really being forced to do anything and was always in control.

After about 20 minutes of conversation Pete finally spoke up. He said that he was reluctant to admit his interests, but since everybody was being honest he was gonna let them into a secret he learned several years ago. His secret was that there is an active scene of women wrestlers who have trained and can really kick ass. Although all he could do was wrestle with them they made their point.

A lot of women can kick ass and don't have to be huge and muscular to do it, just skilled. Since then I have learned a lot more about the female wrestling world and got my girlfriend into it. Me and my girlfriend wrestle regularly and she is at the point of beating me about 70% of the time. I'm afraid that once she gets to 100% she's gonna get really wild. She already jokes when she has me in head scissors that she's gonna keep squeezing until I service her orally. Not that I mind that sort of thing, but I hope to retain at least some control over my sex life. Well, I guess I can't complain since my fantasies have turned into reality"


Female and Mixed Wrestling - Flamingo Wrestling

As Vic said "All real female wrestling is the purest form of domination. The opponent starts out with an 'even hand' and is forced to submit because the bottom line is they lost and their is nothing they could do about it. Nobody gives the other an edge such as allowing themself to be tied up.

So for example, when a female warrior is smothering you into submission with her soft yet firm ass she has truly dominated you. This is what many guys have dreamed about and many are beginning to discover that female wrestling is their answer."

Female and Mixed Wrestling - Flamingo Wrestling